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NeuroFire Cycling ’s aim is to offer to the general public the same quality of athletic conditioning that professional cyclists have benefited from.

NeuroFire is a division of IRR, the Official Clinic of the Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team. IRR is an ultra-modern Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute which provides services for elite athletes, world record holders, pro cyclists, and Olympians. The institute specializes in transcranial direct current stimulation and other innovative technologies that can safely, legally, and effectively improve sports performance conditioning. We have over two hundred specialists in diverse fields ranging from orthopaedics to cardiovascular, urological, neurological, ENT, etc.

 Over 35 years of expertise, an enduring commitment to innovative technologies, and officially recognized by the International Federation of Sports Medicine—NeuroFire Cycling ’s aim is to offer to the general public the same quality of sports conditioning that professional cyclists have benefited from. The team of professionals who’ll accompany cyclists on our tours is made up physiotherapists and neuropsychologists—qualified Sports Medics, trained in the latest state of the art technologies and neuro conditioning protocols.

 IRR is a subsidiary of CIDIMU Group, which is comprised of 9 institutes throughout Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy that are internationally recognized for their utmost excellence by leading international organisations and elite athletes.

In collaboration with the President of IMBA Italia and one of the most experienced cycling tour operators in Italy, NeuroFire Cycling is thrilled to offer passionate cyclists an entirely unique holiday. Neurofire Cycling has partnered with Tourissimo, Italian experts in designing top notch custom and private cycling tours with professional tour guides, support vehicles and luggage transfers and premium hotels that feature stunning scenery and superb cuisine.

Enduring partnerships for effective services and real results.